"Special" and "Standing" Committees, Club Depts:

Art Contest Chairperson                                Marlene Brown

Barn Quilt Project Chairperson                       Joyce Foley

Boxtops For Education Coordinator                 Linda Gritton

Budget* Committee                                      Club Officers

Community Improvement Chair    *                Mary Alice Gruden

FWC Historian                                               Rita Bitter
Hospitality Chairperson*                               Janice Geise
Literacy  Chairperson                                    Pat Yannarella
Membership*                                               Mary Alice Gruden
Moral & Spiritual                                          Mary Cox, LaVern Lawson, Joyce McCord

Newsletter & Publicity                                   Betsy Conrad

Parliamentary Advisor                                  Jane Pfarner
Programs & Reports Chairperson                   LaVerne  Lawson, Faye Sheehan
SPRING Luncheon Co-Chairs                         All Members
Sunshine  Chairperson                                 Joyce McCord
Website Coordinator                                    Chris Sturgil

Yearbook Chairperson                                  Betsy Conrad


 *Denotes standing committees, the chairperson of which make up the Executive Board, together with the officers.  (The first name listed is the Chairperson.)